Burg-Wachter PointSafe P 3 E FS


Rated for ?1,000 of cash and ?10,000 of valuables, PointSafe is the ideal place for the storage of important documents, jewellery, cash and items that require restricted access.

  • Emergency key override feature allows for access to the safe in the event of a forgotten user code
  • Optional hotel mode allows guests to programme their own user code and finger print which is automatically deleted if the door is left open for 5 minutes or more
  • PointSafe P 3 models include a removable shelf for better utilisation of interior spaceDurable black finish
  • PointSafe offers a good level of security with a solid single walled steel body and a doubled walled door that helps to protect the valuable content inside in the event of attack. Large motorised round locking bolts operate automatically when a correct code or authorised finger print is entered. Additional anti-drill plate in the door frame offer enhanced protection. Electronic combination lock with finger scan module can be programmed to any three to six digit user code. Finger scan offers fast and convenient access with a simple swipe of a programmed finger. Electronic PointSafes also feature a hotel mode that allows guests to programme their own code and finger print.
  • Prepared for wall or floor fixing with included fixing kit.
  • 1 x PointSafe P 3 E FS, 4 x AA Batteries, 1 x Fixing Kit, 1 x Instruction Manual
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Weight 20 kg

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