The Problem

All of the properties had low security thumb turn locks fitted on doors with a letter box when built. Two houses on the estate had been burgled when criminals manipulated these thumb turns through the letter box to unlock the door & gain entry.

Our Solution

A number of the neighbours on hearing the news wasted no time in having the front door locks changed to remove the thumb turn. We fitted the Brisant Ultion 3 Star, Sold Secure Diamond Standard lock to ensure maximum security from the lock. Some customers decided to upgrade all the locks including the garage door. We were able to fit thumb turn locks on doors that did not have a letter box for a keyless escape & convenience. The locks on these properties were made to work from the same key (including the garage) so that customers would have the most benefit from their new locks.

Work completed August 2018

1 Street, 20 Euro-Cylinder Locks Upgraded